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  • Jason Yip

    Jason Yip

    Staff Agile Coach at Spotify, ex-ThoughtWorks, ex-CruiseControl

  • Will Swales

    Will Swales

  • Paweł Huryn

    Paweł Huryn

    Product Leader, Writer, Speaker. I help organizations build great products and strong product teams. huryn.substack.com

  • Filip Dębowski

    Filip Dębowski

  • javinpaul


    I am Java programmer, blogger, working on Java, J2EE, UNIX, FIX Protocol. I share Java tips on http://javarevisited.blogspot.com and http://java67.com

  • Jonathan Bollinger

    Jonathan Bollinger

  • Frank Font

    Frank Font

    Unconventional, people-first collaborative high-energy inclusive software creation, mentoring, planning, and related contributions. Fun is in the best formulas.

  • Fuat Şeker

    Fuat Şeker

  • Ben Horowitz

    Ben Horowitz

    VC, Blogger, and Author of http://www.harpercollins.com/books/Hard-Thing-About-Things-Ben-Horowitz/?isbn=9780062273208.

  • Тамара Кулинкович

    Тамара Кулинкович

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