• Yannick Haudry

    Yannick Haudry

  • Lil.I.Am


  • Julien Dassonval

    Julien Dassonval

    ⚡ → Freelance Digital Executive Producer & Project Director → Founder of wadp.com →We talk about #digitalproduction #projectmanagement #ux #mobile #code #design

  • Michał Lipek

    Michał Lipek

  • Albert Valiente

    Albert Valiente

    Active Listener | Agile Activist | Systems Explorer | Lifelong Learner

  • Andre Abi Awad

    Andre Abi Awad

    Claim your Freedom as a Business Owner — Read more on “The Freedom Owner” publication on my profile. Helping Entrepreneurs in 31 countries since 2008.

  • Alexandra Cory

    Alexandra Cory

    Scrum Master | PSMII | Writing about Scrum and Agile.

  • Sagar Patel

    Sagar Patel

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