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12 practical tips for having more effective Daily Scrums.

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7 tips how to effectively recruit and hire people to your team.

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How to Properly Measure and Use the Velocity?

Don’t use Team’s Velocity:

  • To measure the effectiveness of the Scrum Team. The velocity is a metric focused on capturing the output of the work, Scrum Teams should be assessed based on the…

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Why IT project work plans fail and yet still we all continue to play the game that we cannot win.

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Few tips for Product Managers, Scrum Masters and Managers when going through tough times.

1. The only constant is a change.

  • Everything is temporary, that things wouldn’t be this bad forever.
  • Having stable teams doesn’t mean people in your squad will not change.

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How to write good User Stories and apply them in a proper way?

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Evidence Based Framework as a strategic tool for Product Lifecycle Management.

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Take your Product Owner skills to the next level.

Sometime ago, I published the article ‘Top 13 Tips to Become a Great Product Owner’, and so far it was the most popular blog post on my Medium account — it got more than 20k visits. Today, (4 years older) I gathered the next set of advice for Product Owners who already had a chance to be in the role for a couple of years.

Top 6 tips for experienced Product Owners

1. Your construction of the reality is subjective.

How to minimize the negative effects of Working in Scale.

Number of possible interactions based on number of people in a team / teams
  • Keep teams aligned between each other;
  • Enable self-organization…

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And it’s not Scrum.

Lukasz Krzyzek

Scrum Master | PSM III

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