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During discussions about high-performing teams, we’re talking a lot of about coaching, mentoring, external trainings or facilitating workshops, but still forgetting about the other activity that can save companies a lot of time and money invested in building teams if it’s done right — RECRUITMENT.

“Acquiring the right talent is…

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Team’s Velocity is one the main metric used by Scrum Teams to plan their work and forecast potential future deliverables. Unfortunately, quite often the metric is being over-used and treated by stakeholders as the main method to manage business commitments and make long-term plans — such way of using Velocity…

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Almost each IT Project looks the same, we first organize planning sessions, build Gantts Charts and Project Plans, create Risks Log, analyse requirements, provide estimations, add time buffers for unexpected events, communicate the timeline to the stakeholders and then… after few weeks everything is starting to fail. …

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Sometimes, things don’t go our way — product is getting bad reviews, our stakeholders are not satisfied with the financial results and people in the team are leaving. In this kind of moments, it’s may be worth to stop and go back to basics of product and team management.


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Software Products gives us the unique opportunity to see exactly how customers use our Product. By tracking thousands of metrics like Visits, Lead Time, Bounce Rate, Reading Time and other we’re able to gather almost a complete picture of the potential user of our system.

‘You can’t manage what you…

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Sometime ago, I published the article ‘Top 13 Tips to Become a Great Product Owner’, and so far it was the most popular blog post on my Medium account — it got more than 20k visits. Today, (4 years older) I gathered the next set of advice for Product Owners who already had a chance to be in the role for a couple of years.

If you’re new to the role of Product Owner, I’d strongly recommend to first read the below blog post, as it focuses on the basics of Product Ownership.

Top 6 tips for experienced Product Owners

1. Your construction of the reality is subjective.

Your construction of the reality is subjective and prone to inaccurate judgment and illogical interpretations. The only way to limit the impact…

Lukasz Krzyzek

Scrum Master | PSM III

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